Independence Day
 The Mississippi Review Online/Blip Magazine,
Feb. 1996

 A Secret Place
 The Mississippi Review Online/Blip Magazine,
June 1997


 Inspirational Hollywood
 published 1999,
MWP Productions, selected as a Writer's Digest Book Club Selection



write and teach cooking classes pairing great movies & great meals.
featured on KEYE-TV, The Austin Chronicle, USA Today and others....
was a featured columnist @ The Criterion Collection


Newen Afrobeat: A Chilean Collective Inspired by Fela's Music and Activism
Afropop Worldwide, July 2019.
“We sat down last week with two members of the group, singer/dancer Macarena “Maca” Rozic and saxophonist Klaus Brantmayer, the day after their stunning performance in Montreal at the Festival International de Jazz, to talk about the band, their music and their politics which infuses their music....

Field Report: Festival International de Jazz de Montreal 2019
Afropop Worldwide, July 2019.
From humble beginnings in 1980, two men, André Ménard and Alain Simard, created a world-class music festival in the city of Montreal, Quebec, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. It also marked the retirement of the two founders who have curated the festival since the beginning.....

The Return of Hailu Mergia
Afropop Worldwide, July 2019.
Hailu Mergia was one of the leaders of a revolution in Ethiopian music in the 1960s and '70s. There was a moment which began with the failed coup against Emperor Haile Selassie in 1960 and ended with the successful coup by the totalitarian Derg government in 1974....

Meeting Gorbachev: Werner Herzog Seeks the Heart of Russia
Documentary Magazine,  May 2019.
Poetry is an intrinsic element of movie-making. There is no doubt about it. I'm particularly into it because, when we speak about my documentaries, I have always tried to move away from the naked facts and...."

Sympathy for the Devil: ‘Hail Satan?’ Challenges Church-and-State Ethos
Documentary Magazine, April 2019.
"The truth was, Satanism didn’t mean what I thought it meant. It may have started like that, but it's a prank that's becomes a kind of movement. So, that's kind of part of how the film is structured – you follow along with my journey...."

Through the Looking Glass with Alison Klaymon's The Brink
Documentary Magazine, March 2019.

Field Report: Folk Alliance International 2019
Afropop Worldwide,  February 2019

Miroca Paris: Taking Center Stage
Afropop Worldwide, November 2018.

Sekouba “Bambino” Diabaté: The Griot’s DNA
Afropop Worldwide, August 2018.

Marinah: “Global Music for Global Problems”
Afropop Worldwide, August 2018.

The Many Changes of Vinicius Cantuaria
Afropop Worldwide, August 2018.

In the Neighborhood: The World of Mr. Rogers
Documentary Magazine, June 2018.

Jupiter's Destiny
Afropop Worldwide,  July 2018

Bokanté's Malika Tirolien: Surfing Life in Creole
Afropop Worldwide, May 2018.

Inside Ruben Blades: New Documentary Showcases the Man Behind the Music
Afropop Worldwide, April 2018.

The Truth Is Out There: Errol Morris' ‘Wormwood’
Documentary Magazine, December 2017.

Aveva: Finding an Ethiopian-Israeli Identity
Afropop Worldwide,  November 2017.

Stephen Budd: All Aboard the Africa Express
Afropop Worldwide,
November 2017.

Field Report: Mundial Montreal 2017
Afropop Worldwide, November 2017.

Sidi Wacho: Soundtrack of a Revolution
Afropop Worldwide, August 2017.

Delgres: Pascal Danaë's Journey to the Afro-Caribbean-Louisiana Connection
Afropop Worldwide, July 2017.

Bixiga 70: Brazilian Afrobeat Messengers
Afropop Worldwide,  July 2017.

Flavia Coelho: A Brazilian Soul,
Afropop Worldwide, July 2017.

Field Report: 2017 Festival International de Jazz de Montreal ,
Afropop Worldwide, July 2017.

Buika: A Musical Missionary,
Afropop Worldwide, July 2017

For Laura Poitras, 'Risk' is No Game,
Documentary Magazine,
May 2017.

David Lynch: Artist & Reluctant Yogi,
POV Magazine,  January 2017.

RIDM Report: Two Portraits & Japanese Pop Music as Team Sport,
POV Magazine, January 2017.

The Act of Seeing: Kirsten Johnson’s ‘Cameraperson’
Documentary Magazine, Fall 2016.

Baba Zula: Getting More "Zula",
Afropop Worldwide, July, 2016.

Mashrou' Leila: Creatures of the Night,
Afropop Worldwide, July 2016.

"Miss Sharon Jones" & Ms. Barbara Kopple,
Documentary Magazine, July 2016.

Nuits d'Afrique Festival Celebrates 30 Years,
Afropop Worldwide,  July 2016.

BEATDOX @ RIDM Celebrates Music-themed Documentaries,
POV Magazine,
December 2015.

Vox Sambou & Wesli: The Haitian-Quebec Experience,
Afropop Worldwide, August, 2015.

The Life of Nina Simone as a 'Nonfiction Musical', Documentary Magazine, June 2015.

Paranoia Justified: '1971' Depicts a Most Improbable Crime, Documentary Magazine,  Spring 2015.

Mulatu Astatke's Journey to Find Himself,
Afropop Worldwide, September 2014.

Ron Mann's Altman Lets the Director Speak for Himself, Documentary Magazine, August 2014.

A Rising Tide: Interview with Mokoomba
Afropop Worldwide,  July 2014.

NOLA/'Post-Post' Katrina: 'Getting Back to Abnormal' Looks at Life in the Crescent City,
Documentary Magazine, July 2014.

Challenging the Believing-Is-Seeing Mindset: Errol Morris on Donald Rumsfeld,
Documentary Magazine, Spring 2014.

Docs That Really Rock: Music Documentaries Go Beyond Performance,
Documentary Magazine, Winter 2013.

A Poet's Alzheimer's: Alan Berliner's 'First Cousin Once Removed',
Documentary Magazine,  Fall 2013.

Unsung Heroes: '20 Feet from Stardom' Hails Singers behind the Hits
Documentary Magazine, Summer 2013.

“Pourquoi Montreal?”: Exploring The Afro-Quebec Experience,
Afropop Worldwide, August 2013.

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2013/Conversation w/Vieux Farka Touré,
Afropop Worldwide, July 2013

Gonzo Goes to Africa: Filmmaker/ Journalist Mads Brugger Is 'The Ambassador'
Documentary Magazine, Aug 2012

The End of Film? 'Side by Side' Ponders an Imminent Demise (Interview w/Keanu Reeves)
Documentary Magazine, Aug 2012

Lila Downs: Profound & Profane
National Geographic, July 2012

Sidi Touré: "We Just Want Peace"
National Geographic, July 2012

Los Amigos Invisibles: The Secret of a Long-Lasting Relationship
National Geographic, July 2012

Catching Up with Souad Massi
National Geographic, July 2012

Catch a Legend: Marley on Screen (Kevin McDonald Interview)
Documentary Magazine, Apr 2012

'Undefeated' Puts Producer Ed Cunningham Back in the Game
Documentary Magazine, Feb 2012

Make It Funky: 'Thunder Soul' Celebrates a High School Impresario
Documentary Magazine, Sept 2011

Booker T. Jones: Soul of a Man
SXSWorld Magazine, Feb 2007

Henry Rollins Speaks
SXSWorld Magazine, Mar 2006

Young Classical Women Spice Up Their Images
SonicNet/MTVnews, Jan. 2001

Jon Langford: Capturing The 'Atmosphere' of Country Music in Paint
SonicNet/MTVnews, Dec. 2000

Don Passman Lays Down the Law
Farmclub, Dec. 2000

Edgar Meyer Explores His Own Large World Of Music
SonicNet/MTVnews, Nov. 2000

Yo-Yo Ma Mines Global Musical Culture
SonicNet/MTVnews, Nov. 2000

Elvis Week 2000: What if he had lived?
SonicNet/MTVnews, Aug. 2000

A Boogie-Free Night
San Francisco Weekly, Nov. 1999

Stan Lee: The Original Web Spinner
Wired News, Jan. 1999

Wrestling with the Rodeo
San Francisco Bay Guardian, Jan. 1998

Let Me Pencil You In...
Soma Magazine, 1998

The Velveeta Revolution or Pearl Jam Comes to Prague
Tripod Magazine, Nov. 1996


 Record Man
 a documentary by John Coon, 2020
 (associate producer)

 OK Buckaroos: Jerry Jeff Walker
 a documentary by Patrick Tourville , 2011  (co-writer)

 The Big Buy
 a documentary by Mark Birnbaum & Jim Schermbeck, 2006
 distributed by BraveNewFilms
 (co-producer & additional photography)

 New Orleans Social Club -Sony EPK
 promotional video for CD release, 2006  (co-producer/co-director/co-shot)

 John Boutte & New Oreleans Social
 Club, "Why?"

 Music Video, 2006

 Blueberry Thrill
 a short documentary shown on Maine PBS, 2003  (directed and shot)

 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Teaser
 directed by Dan Perri, 1987
 (2nd Asst. Director & I played Freddy Kruger - just my hand!)

If She Knew What She Wants - The Bangles
 directed by Dan Perri, 1986
 (2nd Asst. Director)


Ron Deutsch (email: resume(at)
has been a concert sound engineer for bands ranging from the Grateful Dead to the Dead Kennedys. He has worked as a production assistant for documentary filmmakers David and Albert Maysles, and as a story analyst with clients including director James Cameron and the Showtime Network, as well as selling several of his own screen and teleplays, including an original story to CBS' The New Twilight Zone.

His journalistic work has appeared in print and online periodicals including National Geographic, the Austin American-Statesman, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Gramophone, and Wired News, and his fiction has been twice featured in the Mississippi Review Online Edition. He is a former contributing editor to Sonicnet/MTV News, and has lectured on film genre theory and story analysis at writers' conventions around the country. A collection of quotes he edited, "Inspirational Hollywood," was chosen as a Writer’s Digest Book Club Selection in 1999.

On the Internet, Mr. Deutsch developed and produced content in the late 1990's for companies including Excite, Infoseek, and His web design work was featured in Art in America magazine and he co-produced the 1st Internet Animation Festival for Digital City/AOL in 1995.

Mr. Deutsch's short documentary, Blueberry Thrill was shown on Maine PBS, his next documentary Sometimes I Feel Like a Found Object premiered at the Dallas Video Festival in 2003, and his camera work has been featured in a CBS' 60 Minutes segment. The Big Buy, a 2006 documentary on Texas Prosecutor Ronnie Earle and Congressman Tom Delay, which Mr. Deutsch handled 2nd camera chores and was associate producer of, is distributed by Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films. In 2011, he co-wrote OK Buckaroos, a documentary on singer/songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker. He spent three years teaching cooking classes paired with film screenings as "Chef du Cinema" and occasionally contributing to the Criterion Collection's website pairing films from their catalog with recipes. He is associate producer of the documentary Record Man, about the birth of the post-war record industry, and he was featured in the 2010 documentary Echotone, about how growth & gentrification have affected Austin's music community.

He is a contributing editor to the International Documentary Association's Documentary magazine and a featured contributor to the National Public Radio program, Afropop Worldwide.